Kali de Mano Autumn Camp (5-7.11.2021)

Intense is the qualifying adjective to express in one word what we lived during the last weekend in Sweden.
Kali Majapahit Finland was invited to participate in the annual, Kali de Mano Autumn Camp, that Guro Claes Johansson organize in Gothenburg.

Victoria Dudnikova, Sini Vanhatalo, Diego Gómez, Irina Poleshchuk and David Muñoz González were the team representing Kali Majapahit Finland.

13 hours of official training in the program, starting on Friday 5th and ending on Sunday 7th of November, where over 50 people, students, and instructors from all around the world, shared knowledge and energy in a magnificent atmosphere of peaceful warriors with something in common…the passion for martial arts and movement.

Kali de Mano, Pencak Silat, Nord Shaolin Kung Fu & Aikijutsu, and Kali Majapahit were the main styles in the Autumn Camp, with their respective instructors, Claes Johansson, Pendekar Joko Suseno, Rickard Berlin & Jonas Gustavsson, and David Muñoz González. Special mention to KdM instructors Eugenia Valente, Rasmos Nyberg, Jakob Tengelin, Anna Tauson, and Olof Svensson for their nice classes during the camp.

Big THANKS to all of you who did this experience possible.
Looking forward to meeting next time in Sweden again or…why not Finland?

More information, pictures, and videos about the Camp in here: