Training fees for individuals

The below presented prices include VAT. Please see the payment details here.

Martial arts and Green Parkour

Single fee
Single class18
Private class at AZA*45/h
Private class at your place**75/h
Monthly fee
One any weekly class65
Two any weekly classes75
All weekly classes90
Training cards
Silver card, 5 times: valid for 2 moths and one discipline65
Silver card, 10 times: valid for 2 months and one discipline120
Golden card, 5 times: valid for whole semester and all disciplines75
Golden card, 10 times: valid for whole semester and all disciplines150
Special promotion campaigns
One week free trial of everything except Yoga August 13th – 18th 2021free
First classfree
AZA membership registration in 2021free
Kali Majapahit grading fees in 2021 (belt not included)free
2nd sibling discount: bring your sibling and get 50 % semester fee discount!
Parent discount:bring your parent and get 50 % semester fee discount!*****
Golden pack discount: get 20 % discount from your first 10 hours of private classes!

* Kali Majapahit and Goshindo.

** Transportation expenses are not included in the price. Kali Majapahit and Goshindo.

*** Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied during the first 15 days and paid the fee in due time.

**** Discounts cannot be combined.

***** Valid only for one semester fee.

Shri Vivek Yoga

Single exercise (“Drop in”) 15 €
5 exercises card55 €
Full course (19 exercises)150 €

Please contact Prem Jyuoti for payment details of Shri Vivek Yoga.

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