Valtteri Pertilä

Valtteri Pertilä

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Valtteri Pertilä is a dedicated martial artist who has been immersed in the world of martial arts since the age of 8. Under the guidance of Guro David Muñoz González, Valtteri has honed his skills and knowledge since 2014, showcasing his commitment to the discipline. Currently serving as a junior instructor at Art Zenter Academy, Valtteri holds the rank of Kadua Guro (first black belt) in Kali Majapahit, a testament to his expertise and dedication in the martial arts realm.

His journey reflects not only his passion for martial arts but also his continuous growth and leadership within the discipline and now it is time to officially share his knowledge and skills with other Kali Majapahit students.

Time to have fun!

Welcome to Valtteri´s classes!