Kali Majapahit for children

Kali Majapahit for children

Our martial arts program for children is built on the best of traditional Asian martial arts, teaching our students the skills and knowledge to take on challenges of the future. Whether it is with a long staff, sticks, or traditional empty hands and kicking systems, the structured curriculum was designed to optimize our students’ learning and have a lasting impact beyond the dojo. Most of all, we believe martial arts is the best tool for building responsible, confident kids while encouraging teamwork and promoting respect to have a positive impact on them.

  • Fun and engaging program
  • Structured curriculum with clear learning objectives
  • Works on important physical developmental milestones
  • Promotes values and life skills applicable beyond martial arts

  • Kali Majapahit JUNIOR 1: classes are recommended for 6 – 8 years old children.
  • Kali Majapahit JUNIOR 2: classes are recommended for 8 – 10 years old children.
  • Kali Majapahit JUNIOR 3: classes are recommended for 10 – 14 years old children.
  • Kali Majapahit JUNIOR KASAMA & Black Belt: classes are recommended for 10 – 14 years old children who already achieved red belt (Kasama) and black belt or medium/advanced experience in other martial arts.

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