Sini Vanhatalo

Sini Vanhatalo

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Sini Vanhatalo is a very dynamic, positive, and passionate woman. With the “NTL -Never Too Late” attitude, at the age of 40 years old, Sini decided to start training at Art Zenter Academy “Boxing for Ladies” with the boxer.

A year later Sini decided to join martial arts classes of Kali Majapahit, taught by Guro David Muñoz González. By that time, Sini’s eldest son was practicing this discipline at AZA for several years, and she was watching many times those training classes. While watching, Sini kept asking herself “When is my turn?!“. This makes Sini Vanhatalo an excellent example of the real meaning of “Never is Too Late to start anything“, find your purpose, and follow your intuition with passion, the rest is a matter of the Universe…

Sini is an Official KM Junior Instructor at Art Zenter Academy Espoo.

Life is today, it is time for ACTION!

Welcome to Sini’s classes!