27.11.2019 Jidoka Technologies gets an introduction to Filipino martial arts safely but with great fun

On the 27th of November 2019, we gave a two-hour introductory class on Kali Majapahit to Jidoka Technologies Oy that is a Finnish ICT company located in Tampere. There we 12 very nice and enthusiastic IT guys with whom we had a really great time! We concentrated on different weapons of South Asian martial arts such as talibong (machete), karambit (a small curved knife), axe, knifes and sticks. We also discussed different real world situations and how to act when there is a knife attack treat. Two hours just flew without noticing with these amazing people!

At Jidoka, we aim at organizing different events monthly to get our people do fun stuff together as we consider our employees very important. One time we decided to try some exotic martial art. For that we invited David as I know him to be an experienced martial artist specializing in Kali Majapahit and going beyond martial arts. David gave us and amazing event! The participants had great fun by doing something new together, and there was a true team spirit. David really knew how to make the event safe but attractive for everyone. Our employees gave me an excellent feedback about the event. I sincerely recommend David as a coach to everyone considering martial arts. He will definitely find a way to inspire people and make them smile.

Alex Bern, a director at Jidoka