Filipino Martial Arts + Wing Chung Summer Camp 2021 (20. – 22.8.2021)

Kali Majapahit Finland participated in the fourth edition of the FMA training camp, during the weekend 20-22.8.2021, in the Holiday Club Saimaa (Lappeenranta – Finland).

Thanks to everyone who did possible this magnificient camp full of action and good memories. We felt nicely surrounded by great peaceful warriors from all around the world with one passion in common…the martial hearts.

Specially thanks to the organizer from FMA Lappeenranta Kombatan (, Jarkko Honkanen.

Also a special mention and thanks to Instructors and practitioners from:

Hopefully, this is the first FMA Saimaa camp for the Kali Majapahit group of many upcoming in the future.