11.10.2021 MGP NPNG: Move Green Parkour No Pain No Gain

Good morning! ☀️

MGP NPNG, this new initiative from the founders of Elämän Hippa will be running for free every Monday (except Monday 18.10.2021) until 20.12.2021, from 6.00 am to 7.00 am. The goal is to start active the week, doing some basics of movement, conditioning and parkour, at the same time that collecting garbage during the training, to do this world 🌎 a greener place for next generations 😀. Meeting point is Kaivomestarinkatu 3C at Espoo center (Finland). Only needed sport outdoors clothes and a plastic bag for collecting garbage 🗑.

Today 11.10.2021, we had a new adventure of MoveGreenParkour NoPainNoGain 😄. Weather was fantastic and we enjoyed jogging, jumping, pumping, scrolling, hanging out, abdominal, lumbar, parkour kids track, speed running, stretching, nice chatting and of course!…collecting garbage 🗑.

Happy to say that today area was quite clean, and we just got a few masks 😷 and cigarettes boxes, closed to a school playground. Monday 18.10.2021 the training will be in Madrid streets (Spain), but feel free to do your own training, and see you on Monday 25.10.2021 at 6.00 am close to AZA parking lot, at Espoo center.

Thanks Sini for joining today and have you all a GREAT Monday 👍💪🙏

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