KM Light Saber Academy for kids & families

KM Light Saber Academy for kids & families

Welcome to our LIGHT SABER INITIATED COURSE FOR KIDS & FAMILIES every Monday from 17 to 17.50 during January 2023 (starting on Monday 9.1.2023) at Art Zenter Academy.

Join us on Mondays of January 2023 (starting from Monday 9.1.2023) to have tons of fun with this new program of Light Sabers. Have an awesome experience and quality time with your kids learning how to become a “real Star Wars Jedi” with our Padawan program!

This program is highly recommended not only to get a lot of fun but to improve coordination, reflexes, mobility in general, focus, and self-confidence among many other benefits that martial arts and movement bring to our lives.

Recommended ages for the children participants from 7 to 10 years old. Parents are very welcome joining to the course (considered as family members with a 50 % discount on the course price. Check more info below).

The course price for 1 participant during January 2023 is 70 €. Ask for more information and/or registration at and get the benefit of a 50 % discount for the second family member (siblings or parents).

For the course, Light Sabers and glasses protection will be offered by Art Zenter Academy. Only needed sports clothes and a water bottle.

Check here for more information about the founders of the KM LSA program in Greenville (US)

May the force be with you and see you soon!