Training gear prices

Clothing* Price (€)
Kimono for children35
Red kasama jacket for children40
Black Gi pants for children and adults25
Color belt12
Kali Majapahit T-shirt20
Kali Majapahit pullover (black or blue)40
MMA short pants 25
Training tools
Foam sticks (soft)25
Manila cane sticks30
Rattan sticks40
Karambit (plastic)18
Karambit (metal)45
Knife (metal and foam)30
Nunchakus 30
Barong (metal machete)40
Tomahawk (plastic)35
Tactical bracelets35
Boxing/MMA gloves (adults and children)35
Shin protection for children (white)25
Shin protection for adults (black)45
Glasses protection 12
Mouth guard (different flavours)12
Hand wrap boxing protections12
Other equipment
Kali Majapahit passport for adults20
Kali Majapahit handbook for children20
Kali Majapahit big weapons bag69
Small sticks bag25
Yoga mat10

* All prices include VAT (24 %)

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