Kali Majapahit

Kali Majapahit

Kali Majapahit (KM) is a Southeast Asian Martial Arts system, founded by Guros Fred and Lila Evrard, with elements of Filipino Kali, Indonesian Silat, Muay Thai, and Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do. KM was founded in Tahiti in 1998 and opened its current KM headquarters in Singapore in 2006.

Read more about KM philosophy, KM Curriculum, KM Ranking System, and KM founders HERE.

Guro David Muñoz González is the head coach of Kali Majapahit classes for adults at AZA.

Welcome to discover the meaning of “beyond martial arts” in Art Zenter Academy with Kali Majapahit classes.

Guro David Munoz Gonzalez presenting Kali Majapahit techniques.